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Asha Empire Online

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Asha Empire Online is a vast and dynamic gaming experience, seamlessly blending elements from strategy, first-person shooting (FPS), and role-playing (RPG) genres. Players initially embark on their journey on the planet Vita Nova, but the game's unique feature allows for interstellar exploration of other planets, space stations, and outposts. Vigilant forces from the empire ensure safe zones for peaceful interactions. In this game, players use Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to represent their characters, with each NFT offering unique attributes and the ability to be traded among players. The primary goal is to complete tasks, gain experience, acquire assets, engage in battles, and explore. Resource production, organization management, and survival mechanics are key elements. All transactions within the game are conducted using the AEC currency, and owning an NFT character is required for full gameplay.

Asha Empire is a strategy-based, FPS and RPG game that takes place in a vast and dynamic world. Players will begin on a single planet "Vita Nova", but will soon be able to travel to other planets, space stations, and space outposts. The game's safe zones will be monitored by the forces of the empire to ensure players can engage in peaceful interactions without fear of attack. Players will purchase NFTs that represent the characters they will play as. Each NFT is unique and can be bought, sold, and traded by players. When an NFT is transferred to a new owner, all the character's property, level, and assets are transferred with it. Your mission is to complete various tasks to level up and gain new assets, engage in thrilling battles, and explore the unknown. To start, you will need to purchase an NFT character and create an account on the game's website. This character will become your avatar in the game and all its property and level will be transferred to the new owner when the NFT changes hands. One of the key features of Asha Empire is the ability to produce and trade goods. Players can extract minerals, produce items in facilities, and sell them in local markets. To access advanced weapons, vehicles, and spaceships, players must attend schools and increase their education level. Organizations will be another important aspect of the game. Players can establish organizations and manage them with other players. Organizations can have their own territories, cities, and even regions within the game. To maintain their status, organizations must pay taxes to the empire, but the tax revenue will be deposited into their accounts. Organizations can also form alliances and work together to achieve common goals. Another key aspect of Asha Empire is survival. In order to ensure players can continue their journey, they must obtain life insurance from an insurance company located in the cities on planets or space stations. This insurance policy will protect players from permanent death and allow them to revive from their clone. Players who do not have insurance will be reset. The game also offers opportunities for players to engage in resource gathering and agriculture. Players can extract minerals and produce crops, which they can then sell in the market or use to produce items. When players log out, their characters will automatically enter sleep mode, but must be fed occasionally to ensure their survival.

Asha Empire Online was developed and published by Asha Empire Team(1)