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Avalon: The Druids

Avalon: The Druids

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Set in a fantasy medieval kingdom, players utilize their NFTs to explore a world of danger and mystery while competing for rare NFT rewards. The game is built around both active play-to-earn and passive own-to-earn economies. Inspired by the legend of King Arthur and alternate history of Knights templar, this game challenges every player to undertake a thrilling adventure in their quest to ultimately claim their very own seat among the Knights of the Round Table. Along the way, players earn rewards (i.e. NFTs, in-game AVL tokens) by purchasing, renting, or securing resources as well as collaborating with NFT landowners to acquire and build in-game real estate.

Camelot Finds Itself Under Siege. Will Humanity Be Able to Fight for Survival, or See The Fall of this Bastion of Hope? Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table rule from Camelot. During his reign, the people have enjoyed prosperity and security, his knights proving to be loyal defenders of the kingdom. Druids live on the outskirts of his realm and practice magic. The Vikings to the North stay clear of Camelot, and the necromancer that rules the distant mountain caves and dungeons stays out of sight. But when an Inquisitor who has gained the king’s trust throws shade on the Druids by linking them to the necromancer, Arthur exiles all Druids from his kingdom. In the days that follow, it seems his lands are cursed. Incoming storms bring Vikings to Camelot’s shores with threats and warnings of danger to come. Arthur calls for his trusted wizard, Merlin, only to find that the man has gone missing. He assembles his knights and lays Excalibur upon the Round Table to call forth its legendary power, but the silver glow that once gave his blade life shines no more. A massive rumbling shakes the very foundations of the kingdom, causing buildings to collapse and the castle’s defensive walls to crack. What Has Become of Camelot? Answers arrive in the form of a never-before seen race known as Elves. They speak of a rift that was opened by the earthquake and tell tales of giant Orcs. With tattooed green skin and armed with weapons made of jagged black steel, the Orcs destroy everything in their path, threatening any semblance of life–human, elf, or otherwise. If Arthur can't get the Elves, Vikings, and Druids to work together under the flag of Camelot, humanity may soon breathe its last breath. He must find a way to bring the others to his side to defend his land. Will magic and might work hand-in-hand to give Camelot a chance at survival, or will the disparate groups risk fighting on their own? What will be the fate of this land, and will the legend of Avalon prove enough to make the difference?

Avalon: The Druids was developed and published by Danu Games(1)