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The Borgverse is a Sci-fi themed multiplayer game built on a multi-planetary system.

The borgverse is our take on a sci-fi themed metaverse built on a multi-planetary system. Our goal is to make every single planet a completely different and unique experience for users within the game. By doing this, players are bound to find something they enjoy and are willing to spend their time on playing. When building out planets we break them into 3 categories which are Community, PVP, and Solo. Community planets : These are multiplayer planets that act as safe zones within the borgverse. PLayers that land on these planets are safe from other users and are not able to die/inflict damage. Our galleries are examples of community planets. ON the gallery planets users are able to walk around and interact with each other through a chatting system. Aside from PTP interaction, users are also able to interact with various npcs throughout the planet to make their experience more enjoyable. We spiced up the community planets by adding a jetpack feature that users will be able to unlock. every robot in the borgverse comes with a built-in back attachment. When the jetpack upgrade is unlocked users are able to activate their jetpack whenever they’d like which opens up their character’s back compartment and allows them to fly around the community planets. Community planets are designed for new users to meet each other and then travel to the more exciting PVP planets to partake in competitions. PVP planets : These are action packed player vs player planets with leveling systems, leaderboards, large lobby capacities, and much more. Our goal with the pvp planets is to create a completely different game with unique mechanics on every planet. We are currently building a tank game, racing game, squid games, and a first person shooter. we have already finished and publicly released the hover borgs planet which is a tank based capture the flag game. The games mentioned above are just the 4 that we are hyper focused on currently but the possibilities for what we create in the future are endless. As you’ve noticed, the games above are all completely different genres. We do this on purpose as our goal is to maintain a highly diverse set of pvp planets that offer a fresh experience from planet to planet. Solo planets : Solo planets are a wide array of single player planets with different purposes/games. Our goal with the single player planets is to create an isolating yet fun environment. We want users to have the ability to take a break from the action packed multiplayer aspect experienced throughout the rest of the borgverse. The first solo planet that we have created is a level based parkour game where the levels get tougher as the player progresses. We are also working on an aim trainer planet where users are able to train different aspects of their aim such as reaction time, headshot accuracy, spray control, etc. These are just 2 of many planets that are to come in the single player section of the borgverse.

    Botborgs was developed and published by Martian Games(1)
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