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Citizen Conflict

Citizen Conflict

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Release date: 12/20/2023 (6 months ago)

Citizen Conflict is a free-to-play hero shooter designed to merge the best of both worlds - to deliver the competitive heat symptomatic of the esports game modes as well as the Battle Royale frenzy to the masses. The game doesn’t fall short on an immersive storyline, which finds three antagonistic syndicates and captivating heroes waging an endless war for dominance. To scale its futuristic dystopian design to the top, Citizen Conflict will brim over with tons of futuristic maps, guns, and uncanny equipment. Citizen Conflict is now available on Epic Store.

In the early 2030s, humanity realized that if it doesn't unite in an effort to tackle the climate crisis, its consequences could threaten human survival on planet Earth. Decision had been made to establish a planetary government that would rule over all nations of Terra. Some countries joined willingly, some were forced to join under a threat of a complete exclusion from international trade, travel and financial system. “Common degrowth plan” with very harsh measures was adopted. It was supposed to reduce the whole economy and transform it from a growth driven to sustainable, circular, and much more local. Long story short... Some agreed with the idea, some did not. Some wars happened, governments came and went, and so on. What matters is that Ether Islands were given to the outlaws of the new system. People with greed, ambition and high status that refused to leave their old lives and move on, were given their “new land” as a home soil for their world’s ideas.

    • NFT(324)
    • Multiplayer(242)
    • Windows(176)
    • Action(139)
    • Third person(107)
    • Shooter(65)
    • Battle Royale(55)
    • Metaverse(55)
    • Science fiction(49)
    • Unreal Engine 5(31)
    • Cyberpunk(4)