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Survive the Pulse in Domenation's futuristic post-apocalyptic Bubble Royale. In this round-based multiplayer shooter, scavenge for gear and outlast rivals to become the ultimate survivor.

After the cataclysm, survival on the planet was only possible thanks to the domes; force fields fed by a strange mineral found in the depths of the earth, the Domenite. But its scarcity faced those who tried to gain control of it, sparking countless armed clashes in an increasingly divided society. To stop this escalation of violence, the big corporations inaugurated the Dome Games; regulated competitions in which only the strongest will fight to own the Domenite extraction contracts. Domenation’s core mechanic makes it unique and different from any other game. The players have to find shelter inside the domes to survive from a deadly pulse that impacts the entire map every few minutes. During the match, several rounds of domes appear before the pulse hits, forcing players to find them and protect themselves from its impact to progress to the next stage of the game. After each round, the number of domes decreases, generating intense combat points until the last round where players will fight in a single final dome. Winning won’t be easy; to be the last player/team standing, you must explore, survive the pulse, fight with other players and clear creatures’ camps to loot the rarest and most powerful equipment.

    Domenation was developed and published by The Blackmouth Games(1)