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Omega Royale

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We're about to light the world of Tower Defense on fire with Omega Royale! With Omega Royale we've reinvented Tower Defense. Not only are we improving the gameplay, we're also setting the model for the next generation of games utilizing blockchains, by offering all our players a true free to play game where everyone has a chance to add value to their card collections!

Omega Royale is a fascinating tower defense strategy game that will take you to an amazing fantasy world where you must hold back the onslaught of hordes of monsters that have attacked your kingdom! Build defensive structures along the road to annihilate all enemies before they reach the gates of your castle. You'll have an entire guild of brave heroes under your command, each with unique abilities. During battle you will gradually accumulate mana points, which you can use to cast devastating spells. Improve the characteristics of your warriors by combining identical units.

    Omega Royale was developed and published by Tower Pop(1)
    • Multiplayer(234)
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