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Paintball Arena

Paintball Arena

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Release date: 11/1/2022 (2 years ago)

Fun multiplayer game to play with your friends or meet new ones in the platform. WebBrowse, you play with your keyboard and mouse. The first one that makes 10 kills win and ends the game. You can collect weapons and ammo by passing on top of them. Once you are killed you have to look for a water fountain to clear that paint. This is NFT game, so you need to have your metamask wallet in polygon connected if you have NFTs. You can also play without buying any NFT. Everyone can play for free. You can play and participate in differente Leagues according to your level and also can join a club and play with your club mates.

Paintball Arena is a FPS designed to have fun with friends. We thought of a Paintball since this is a new idea and there are no other Paintball game with nfts. You can select the server region to play faster. The goal is to collect ammos and weapons to be the first one in killing 10 people. There is an element of surprise, the drones that contribute to the game making it more dynamic. Have fun!

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