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Pixiel: Dreadwager

Pixiel: Dreadwager

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Release date: 11/1/2023 (8 months ago)

Pixiel Dreadwager is a rogue-lite shooter set in the Pixygon universe, where you'll explore the Dark Forest alongside a lone robot named Pixiel from Amebrak! Your task is to annihilate hordes of enemies using collected skills and later confront legendary creatures residing in the forest!

You'll engage in battles with swarms of enemies trying to corner you and destroy you! Collect chips to become stronger, enhance your character by upgrading chips for various skills! You can obliterate opponents using lasers or incinerate them with rare elemental abilities! You'll delve into the city's history, understand what happened, and learn about each resident! Your mission is to bring life back to this city! Communicate with in-game residents and help their businesses thrive. By completing their tasks, you can immerse yourself more and more in the plot and explore the myths of Amebrak! As the city develops and the game progresses, you'll unlock rare types of weaponry that significantly enhance your in-game experience! Collect items, hunt for rare creatures, gather their drops, and gain unique abilities and skills from them! Your decisions in the game affect the spread of corruption! You must choose whether to resist it or allow it to engulf you!

    Pixiel: Dreadwager was developed and published by Pixygon(1)
    • NFT(317)
    • Single player(178)
    • Action(134)
    • Bird view / Isometric(115)
    • Web browser(113)
    • Android(108)
    • Arcade(39)
    • Survival(28)
    • Unity3D(15)
    • Hack and slash/Beat'em up(15)
    • Roguelike(5)
    • Soulslike(2)