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Racerloop is a zero-gravity arcade racing game based on the Outer Ring universe where you take on a new challenge to be the fastest in the universe. In Racerloop, you will be able to customize and upgrade your ships, trading and exchanging parts and vehicles in a blockchain-based economy and marketplace.

The Outer Ring is a sci-fi universe set thousands of years after our current timeline. In this era, the past inhabitants of our planet, known as the Earthlings, have successfully achieved interplanetary space travel and now settle in the Indabi Nebula along with other sentient species. Although many things have changed throughout the centuries, one remains the same. We have the natural instinct to test our speed. Chariot races evolved into Formula 1 Gran Prixes, and now, a new era of racing has emerged—this competition is known as Racerloop.

Racerloop was developed and published by Maniac Panda Games(1)
  • NFT(324)
  • Single player(180)
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  • Third person(107)
  • Science fiction(49)
  • Unreal Engine 5(31)
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