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Virtualis World

Virtualis World

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Release date: 11/24/2023 (7 months ago)

Virtualis is a new Play-to-Earn game where people can work in buildings as employees and earn USDT working, playing the game with PvP Battles, selling on Marketplace their NFTs and much more. In the world of virtualis there are different cities with different structures. You will be able to choose your departure city upon your first log in, but you will still be able to navigate between them very easily.

    • NFT(317)
    • Multiplayer(234)
    • Crypto(191)
    • Web browser(113)
    • Strategy(94)
    • Play to Earn(45)
    • Simulator(36)
    • Real Time Strategy (RTS)(22)
    • Business(17)
    • Virtual Reality(9)
    • PHP(1)
    • MySQL(1)
    • AJAX(1)
    • Custom HTML5, JavaScript, CSS(1)