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Worldwide Webb

Worldwide Webb

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Release date: 10/24/2023 (8 months ago)

Embark on a journey through time and challenge in Worldwide Webb, an MMORPG Extraction Roguelike that melds a captivating pixel art world with a narrative that bends the very concept of time. Here, extraction isn’t just a mechanic; it's the heart of your adventure.

In Worldwide Webb, you awaken as a Pioneer, a hero torn from the past and thrust into the future. After 250 years of neurostasis, you open your eyes to the bustling city of DESAT, a place teeming with ambition but starved of resources. Your mission? To aid its inhabitants in their quest for survival and progress. At the heart of your journey is the pursuit of Yoku energy, the lifeline of DESAT. This rare and potent power source is the key to energizing the city and fueling its endeavors. As a Pioneer, you possess a unique and almost mystical ability, the long-lost Soul Link technology. Soul Link connects your very essence to the desolate and perilous desert known as the Playa. Here, death is a constant threat, but Soul Link is your safeguard, reviving your soul and bringing you back to the city’s outskirts whenever you fall. This technology, shrouded in mystery, is funded by the enigmatic mega-corporation WEFCO, whose true motives are as elusive as the workings of Soul Link itself. Upon entering DESAT, you encounter its diverse inhabitants, each with their own stories and struggles. Prominent among them is the local scientist, a master of weaponry and abilities, crafting tools that aid your ventures into the Player. In this harsh landscape, your battles against robots and enemies yield raw Yoku. This precious resource not only powers your weapons and abilities, unlocking new upgrades and augments, but also strengthens you, making you a formidable force in the desert. But the Player holds more than just raw Yoku. If fortune favors you, you might discover contained Yoku, such as Yoku crystals. These prized finds can be brought back to DESAT, aiding the townsfolk in their various quests and endeavors. DESAT is governed by the Mayor, a figure whose motives are as questionable as his methods. His guards, imposing and strict, maintain order through heavy taxes and an iron fist. As a Pioneer, your actions and allegiances will shape the fate of DESAT. Will you stand with the oppressed townsfolk, aiding them in their struggles? Or will you align with the Mayor, enticed by the rewards he offers? In Worldwide Webb, every choice has weight, every action ripples through the city. As a Pioneer, your journey is not just one of survival, but of decision. Will you be the beacon of hope DESAT needs, or will you choose a path that serves your own ends? The destiny of DESAT and its people rests in your hands.

Worldwide Webb was developed and published by Webb Technology(1)