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Crazy Snake

Crazy Snake

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Release date: 9/19/2022 (2 years ago)

Crazy Snake is a Web3 Snake game! Crazy Snake is a blockchain-based modern spin on the classic game of Snake.

Crazy Snake is an NFT-focused blockchain game based classic "Snake" from the 1990s. The game is focused on controlling a Snake that grows when eating small dots on its path. When playing the game you can’t touch any obstacles or touch your own body, if you do it then you lose the game. The interesting part is when Snake grows in length, the game difficulty increases. Through the years, many other “Snake” games have come to life, but the original concept has remained unchanged and popular everywhere. Crazy Snake provides players with various interesting sources of income. Every Snake is a unique NFT that can be used to trade, upgrade, battle, play, and earn passive income. ​

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