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Dear, Ella

Dear, Ella

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Release date: 11/3/2022 (2 years ago)

Get ready to immerse yourself in Dear, Ella - an anime-style collectible RPG! Heros can be converted into NFTs (a process not described on the website). Crystal and Gem in-game currencies can be converted into tokens at XPLA GAMES in the XPLA Blockchain Ecosystem.

Ella's uncle, Zenon, revolted against Ella's father, the king of Esperansa Kingdom, and killed him, claiming his throne. He then proceeded to murder Ella as well. However, thanks to the mysterious pendant she inherited from her mother, Ella returned to life. When she opened her eyes, Ella found herself in a world set sometime in the past. She knew that this was her last opportunity to change her fate. Will Ella be able to avenge her late father and rebuild the kingdom?

Dear, Ella was developed and published by Com2uS(1)
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