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Release date: 6/30/2022 (2 years ago)

DEEPSPACE is an innovative Web3 strategy exploration MMO set in an expansive space environment. It integrates a sophisticated economy system using DPS, its native in-game token, along with NFT-based assets, providing players with genuine ownership of their in-game assets. The game is structured into multiple distinct stages, each offering a unique gaming experience, with The Hangar serving as the gateway to the vast DEEPSPACE universe. Players in DEEPSPACE embark on a journey of purchasing, trading, and upgrading spaceships, fostering a dynamic interstellar experience. The game places a strong emphasis on exploration, inviting players to uncover the mysteries of genesis planets and various other aspects of its rich universe. The gameplay is diverse, ranging from resource mining to engaging in tactical battles against AI opponents and fellow players. Key features include strategic turn-based combat, the formation of alliances, and the expansion of territorial influence. Operating on both the Ethereum and BNB Chain, DEEPSPACE adopts a gamefi model, blending gaming with decentralized finance. This model enhances the gameplay experience by offering economic incentives. The DEEPSPACE multiverse is a carefully crafted blend of exploration, resource gathering, and combat, ensuring an engaging and multifaceted experience for players.

The current DEEPSPACE multiverse is set in an exotic system colonized by humans. Its current history of human habitation stretches back 12,000 years. Its history begins with the first humans arriving there shortly after the collapse of the Earth System. It has no star and orbits a network of primordial black holes that are hidden behind Melas. Such exotic physics are a cause of strange phenomena seen around its collection of worlds. When humans arrived in the Genesis system there were 2000 years of darkness. Since the Fall of the Earth System there had been an absence of recorded history. Pre-dynastic records speak of legends about “The Watchers” bringing humans lost in space to this system after earths demise. Melas has and always will be the pivotal point of control in the home system due to its use as a power source. Before the fall of Old Nautilus the home system was a type II civilization. Mitra and Gelida thrived as blue and green marbles in the times of Old Nautilus. Things would change with the Nautilid-Chaldenic Wars. When Nautilus collapsed the Genesis system was downgraded to a type I civilization. Many worlds suffered irreparable damage to their atmospheres and ecosystems.

    Deepspace was developed and published by Chainify Labs(1)