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Eternal Dragons

Eternal Dragons

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Release date: 12/21/2022 (last year)

Eternal Dragons is the next step in gaming. Create and explore a world of dragons, and collect and breed new powerful combinations. Earn unique rewards and incentives, build their own stories and make your mark in gaming history. Eternal Dragons offers an environment where players truly own their assets, and the gaming universe is decentralized, secure, and always running.

It is told that at the dawn of Time, Dragons roamed the world, and darkened the skies. Legend has it that they lived in a strange equilibrium of fierce peace and harmony, in unbreakable bonds with the elder races. Then, something horrible happened. But all memory is lost. The Dragons disappeared, banished from memory, turned into myth. Only fragments and trails of clues to their history exist across the continents, for those who look. Now, strange orbs have appeared. Are these the Dragon eggs of old, lost in Time and only reappearing now? Or are they the sign of the Dragons just being in hiding, biding their time to re-emerge? Clues lie riddled across the lands, beneath the mountains, in the seas and skies; remnants, lost memories of the elders. The one who finds the answers to what happened with the Dragons, will become alI-powerful and able to harness and wield the full power of Time. Now is the time of re-birth to bring the mighty Dragons back! Whomever the re-incarnated Dragons latch on to at their hatching ceremony, will forever form an unbreakable bond with them. A bond only severable through the most powerful of magic. This is the Time of Genesis. The birth of a new Dragon age has come!

Eternal Dragons was developed and published by Trailblazer Games(1)
  • NFT(317)
  • Multiplayer(234)
  • Crypto(191)
  • Single player(178)
  • Action(134)
  • Fantasy(130)
  • Bird view / Isometric(115)
  • Web browser(113)
  • Arcade(39)
  • Fighting(37)
  • Hack and slash/Beat'em up(15)
  • Auto Battler(6)
  • Web 3(3)