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Release date: 12/24/2021 (2 years ago)

A free-to-play, play-to-earn first-person multiplayer shooter by Ascendance Games. Play Impulse completely free by joining our training arenas where you can earn Common Credits just by getting eliminations to buy NFTs with real world value that you can trade or sell. Amp it up a bit by joining the Ascendance Credit arenas, where you can earn real money for every kill! Join Deathmatch in a one versus all brawl, or play in a Teams mode to go up against another group of players in an all-or-nothing showdown. Earn DNA points as you play to fully customize your characters the way you want with our robust character creator. Start off by playing as a metallic Synth, to branch off and become a Human, Cyborg, Alien, or more! You can adjust your character to be a large brute that can take more damage, or be smaller and nimble but make sure not to get hit!

Impulse was developed and published by Ascendance Games(1)
  • NFT(317)
  • Multiplayer(234)
  • Crypto(191)
  • Windows(169)
  • Action(134)
  • Fantasy(130)
  • Unity(69)
  • First person(65)
  • Shooter(61)
  • Play to Earn(45)
  • Tactical(40)
  • Free to Play(18)
  • Fps(9)
  • Mystery(6)
  • First Person Shooter(2)