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Release date: 8/10/2022 (2 years ago)

A creative world. You can interact with the metaverse inside our mall. The mall will have ways for you to chat with friends and meet new metaverse enthusiasts. You can visit other people’s lands that could have been created by a landowner or an actual company. LandBox team will be creating strategic partnerships to help expand the possibilities inside the metaverse. An example of a partnership we could bring on a musician or a designer and they can set up a store highlighting their in-game items for sale. Survival is key in LandBox players will need to do small missions looking for food, helping shops with a small task or even helping an old lady cross the street. You’ll earn the in-game currency. The in-game currency can be used in various ways. Certain lands will have mini games as well that users can interact with. The LandBox game is an open world for gamers to enjoy the metaverse and creations at LandBox.

LandBox was developed and published by Playfox Games(1)PWNED Studio(2)
  • NFT(324)
  • Multiplayer(242)
  • Crypto(194)
  • Windows(176)
  • Third person(107)
  • Massively Multiplayer Online(101)
  • Strategy(94)
  • Adventure(88)
  • Unity(70)
  • Co-operative(68)
  • Battle Royale(55)
  • Open world(54)
  • Simulator(37)
  • Sandbox(27)