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Legends Reborn: Age of Chance

Legends Reborn: Age of Chance

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Legends Reborn is a strategic card game about building decks and taking on all challengers. Amass a collection of cards and creatures which allows you to build, re-build, and tweak decks to meet any challenge that comes your way.

Legends Reborn: Age of Chance is a card battler taking place in the fantasy realm of Tolkhiem. Where all manner of heroes create decks of cards and creatures to settle their differences on the tables with a game of chance. Mighty champions compete against each other in the grand arenas of Anchor Marsh or back alley taverns and everything in between. All seeking Glory, Fame, and Power. To be cheered on like a rock star or a conquering hero. To be a Legend.

Legends Reborn: Age of Chance was developed and published by Gala Games(1)Kung Fu Factory(2)
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