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Lucky Farmer

Lucky Farmer

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Release date: 11/14/2022 (2 years ago)

Lucky Farmer is a pusher game where you drop medals and the medals pushed by the push board are dropped to the pocket in front of you. You can earn large amounts of medals through in-game slots and crop harvesting bonuses, and regularly earn DEAPcoin by participating in "rankings". DEAPcoin can be used to purchase game items that will help you advance in the game.

Lucky Farmer is a coin pusher game with a farm theme. The game is easily controlled by tapping the screen to drop medals. Players place dropped medals in a red wagon at the bottom of the screen to spin the slot machine. The slot machine has a variety of tricks such as raining medals, growing crops or dropping eggs. When the player gets a triple seven (777) result, they will enter “fever time” and win a large amount of medals.

Lucky Farmer was developed and published by PlayMining(1)
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