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Tps game on mobile where you fight with Mechas.

Year 2219, the singularity, the theoretical breaking point from which technological progress would escape human understanding, was reached within a short time by two artificial intelligences: Hêmérê (Ἡμέρη), at the heart of which were inscribed the 'ancient precepts', a series of rules imbued with humanistic philosophy, sacralizing the integrity of the human body and mind. The MR-GL-201 project, alien to any philosophy, religion or morality and having for sole purpose the prosperity of the human race. The emergence of these two artificial intelligences and the lightning technological progress that follows lead to the formation of two opposing superpowers, integrating the machine at the heart of their governance and development: the techno-democracy of Hêmérê and the algocracy of MR-GL-201. The technological, societal and economic performances of these new states were such that neighboring nations and peoples were quickly absorbed, dividing, within just a few years, almost all of humanity into two geopolitical blocs.

Mechachain was developed and published by Kevuru Games(1)
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