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Metalands: Battle for CIFI

Metalands: Battle for CIFI

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Release date: 8/5/2022 (2 years ago)

Metalands is a first person shooter game set in a post-apocalyptic world. The player takes on the role of a bunker manager. The role of the player is to protect the bunker and the citizens. He trains captains to explore to open world, gather resources to feed the people and develop the bunker, trains armies, join other tribes to form a formidable group. The main purpose of the game is to develop your bunker, gain strength with a powerful army to protect your bunker in a world dominated by 4 different races, each fighting for survival and territorial control. While the geographic setting of the game is modern with a mixed of sci-fi, the game features many scientific and technological elements with a mix of supernatural abilities.

Metalands is a shooter game based on two (2) wars, world war 2 and war of the race. The story of the game is based on 9 conquered district and 5 allied district of Metalands following both wars. After the world war 2, a group of humans from displaced Europe, Asia and Africa continents embarked on a journey to find a safe place to call their home, one which is not plagued with wars, greed and globalisation. After many months in the arctic ocean, their ships were washed into an unknown land which they called "Land of the Beyonds", Metalands for short. Little did they know that the land was already been inhabited by the Haptycs - Mysterious suited creatures whose sole purpose is to protect their temples, The Prymates - Ape-like human creature who were not affected by evolution or probably regressed from evolution and The Aythosi - Aliens from Planet Aythosia, they came for minerals especially CIFI which they plan to use to generate heat as their planet was getting too cold (Cold Tribulation) as they had gone farther from the sun, and other smaller races. After many struggles, all 4 races agreed to live in peace, share knowledge and trade with each race respecting the the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the other. To the East lies the Human Federation, The West lies the Aythos Sanctuary with a mix of other smaller race, The Haptycs occupied the cold region of Mohir, Nazier and Dawn with some haptycs dwelling amongst Aythos and Prymates in Oasis and Deakan district. The port districts of Port, Long and Whale is majorly occupied by humans and prymates. The prymates majorly occupied the Blockdown, Long and Lykan districts while Lagrande, Oasis and Deakan was Aythosi stronghold.

    Metalands: Battle for CIFI was developed and published by Morra Games(1)