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Mines of Dalarnia

Mines of Dalarnia

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Mines of Dalarnia is a free-to-play blockchain action-adventure platform-mining game where the player controls a character and guides them through a level (plot), mining through various earth blocks to discover and collect minerals of multiple rarities. Delve into the unknown, dark mine, collect minerals and use them to upgrade the character through mining equipment and character attributes. Buy or rent plots of land. Earn money when you rent out your mines to other players. Blending combat and dungeon crawling, Mines of Dalarnia delivers a fresh new entry to the genre. Mines of Dalarnia was created through Chromia blockchain game studio in collaboration with Workinman Interactive, specializing in cross-platform games using high-performance engines and high-resolution custom art.

The year is 11752 AD. The majority of the known universe has been consolidated under the rule of a conglomerate known as the Metagalactic Collective. The Collective is guided by a benevolent but enigmatic A.I known as “The Onemind”, whose primary function is to ensure peace and prosperity for all. As a result of the knowledge and advancements it has discovered, Onemind has developed a large and devoted group of followers who treat it as a God. In 11751 AD, the Onemind revealed a revolutionary new technology: Terraforming Capsules. These capsules cause a planet to spontaneously undergo millions of years of evolution in a matter of seconds. Even barren asteroids will develop an atmosphere, a thriving ecosystem, and vast underground resources when bombarded by these mysterious burrowing machines. Three planets (Terra Prime, Terra Simia, Terra Caldera) and one moon (Luna Praxis) in a sector of space called Dalarnia were chosen to undergo the first wave of terraforming experiments. News quickly spread of boundless riches being unearthed on these strange new planets. Any rumors of unexpected side effects, bizarre underground anomalies, or abominations in the depths were quickly suppressed — giving the impression of a utopian gold rush. Travelers from across the Galaxy flocked to the Dalarnian sector, hoping to strike it rich. As one of these hopeful miners, you have spent your life savings to travel to Luna Praxis on the outskirts of the sector. Are you prepared to make your fortune in the Mines of Dalarnia?

    • Single player(180)
    • Action(139)
    • Adventure(88)
    • Side view(50)
    • Mining(3)