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Monster Galaxy

Monster Galaxy

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Release date: 7/20/2022 (2 years ago)

Monster Galaxy is back with an exciting new chapter! The great Zodiac has become mysteriously misaligned and now it's up to you to set things right. Train with top Tamer Reina! Team up with brilliant astrologer Noor! Visit familiar lands and venture to unexplored corners of the world! Recover the twelve long-lost relics, return them to their rightful place on the Zodiac Islands, and restore balance to the Galaxy.

The great Zodiac is misaligned and only you can set things right! Embark on an epic journey across five breathtaking lands to recover the twelve lost Zodiac relics and restore balance to the galaxy. Along the way, you’ll make new friends, complete exciting quests, and, of course, capture the captivating creatures called Moga!

    • NFT(317)
    • Multiplayer(234)
    • Crypto(191)
    • Single player(178)
    • Fantasy(130)
    • Role-playing (RPG)(114)
    • Android(108)
    • Third person(101)
    • iOS(89)
    • Play to Earn(45)
    • Tactical(40)