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Night Crows

Night Crows

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Release date: 3/12/2024 (3 months ago)

In 13th-century Europe, where magic still exists, we created a new world in which fantasy meets reality. Night versus day, light versus darkness, order versus chaos, and oppression versus rebellion— everything clashes and collides in the lands of medieval Europe. Dive into the most realistic experience of the European continent, brought to life with Unreal Engine 5.

Night Crows was developed and published by Wemade Co Ltd(1)Madngine(2)
  • NFT(324)
  • Windows(176)
  • Action(139)
  • Role-playing (RPG)(117)
  • Android(109)
  • Third person(107)
  • Massively Multiplayer Online(101)
  • iOS(90)
  • Adventure(88)
  • Open world(54)
  • Unreal Engine 5(31)
  • Nft Gaming(28)
  • Pvp(19)