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Northern Guilds

Northern Guilds

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Northern Guilds is a fun-first, device-agnostic dungeon crawler blockchain MMORPG inspired by your favourite childhood games. In a modern take on the pixel perfect art style of nostalgic adventure games, players and their friends embark on an epic journey into ragnarok.

Ragnarok is upon us, warrior. Between the world as we know it and destruction stands just the last bastion of humanity’s strongest warriors, mages, archers and assassins, humanity’s final stand. Onwards now, warrior. The time is not for pleasantries, for war is at our doorstep. Bring your friends into action-packed real time combat throughout Midgard, construct camps, settlements and towns, levy taxes on your residents and sales tax on your merchants, or live the life of a nomad, only crafting and collecting what you need for battle. You – only you – are the arbiter of your destiny.

    Northern Guilds was developed and published by Pixie Interactive(1)
    • Crypto(194)
    • Fantasy(132)
    • Bird view / Isometric(117)
    • Role-playing (RPG)(117)
    • Web browser(115)
    • Massively Multiplayer Online(101)
    • Indie(60)
    • Open world(54)
    • Play to Earn(45)
    • MMORPG(24)
    • Ethereum(9)
    • Viking Mythology(2)
    • Pixi(1)