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Nyan Heroes

Nyan Heroes

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Release date: 11/13/2025 (in a year)

Step into Nyan Heroes, a free-to-play, third-person hero shooter where intelligent cats pilot powerful mechs known as Guardians. Experience agility, strategy, and precision in a world shaped by feline intelligence.

The Epic Story of New Nekovia In the not-so-distant future, cats rule the world. An intelligent breed of hunter-scientists, they created giant robots called Guardians in the image of their ancestral owners. With the power of Guardian technology, they became the apex species of the new world - Nekovia. However, hubris is a power that corrupts all. Through their greed and constant desire for power, Nyankind continued to push technology to the bleeding edge. They conducted their first nekogenic graft in an effort to fuse their feline DNA with guardians, in an attempt to enhance their abilities and reflexes. It worked, but there were some unforeseen side effects. A dormant feral sentience began to awaken within each guardian, perhaps sensing the unnatural union of machine and fur. Feralization was irreversible, and countless Nyans became prey to their own creations. The casualties were immense, and the remainder of the survivors fled underground. They began to rebuild. A routine exploratory mission led to the discovery of Nyanite, a rare material found near the Earth's core, one that would eventually stabilize the process of nekogenic grafting and prevent feralization. Using the power of Nyanite, the survivors rebuilt their city underground - now known as New Nekovia, the city with holographic skies. It is a vibrant city full of optimism and hope - filled with heroes that dream of a better future. At the center lies the Battledome, a futuristic training facility that also serves as a reminder of the past and a symbol of hope for the future. Nowadays, Guardian Battles are the most popular sport in New Nekovia, with extravagant competitions and lavish prizes for winning teams. Yet as countless heroes fight for glory and riches, the true meaning behind their fight is never forgotten.

    Nyan Heroes was developed and published by 9 Lives Interactive(1)
    • NFT(324)
    • Multiplayer(242)
    • Windows(176)
    • Action(139)
    • Third person(107)
    • Shooter(65)
    • Unreal Engine 5(31)
    • Free to Play(18)
    • Mech(4)
    • Cat(1)