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RetroDoge: Saving Elon

RetroDoge: Saving Elon

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Release date: 8/14/2022 (2 years ago)

RetroDoge is a play to earn token that includes a classic pixel style game that showcases rex, our hero, as he fights tooth and nail to rescue his master from the god of scams. with villain's like Retro Ape and 8bit snake, enduring harsh, unforgiving terrains including the classic forest and castle! Rex will pound on them all with cool and hilarious weapons like a rubber chicken or Nerf style weaponry, lasers and more!

RetroDoge and its developing ecosystem stem from a passionate and dedicated group of gaming enthusiasts who are true professionals in their fields, committed to delivering an original, story-based thriller of a pixel game. To fulfil the longing of a bygone era. To create a game that embodies the nostalgia of a not-too-distant past, where players can ravish in the suspense of a mysterious quest laden with threats of all kinds, evoking joy whilst taking them out, and basking in the sense of accomplishment when beating that difficult point in a game to reach the goal. All this is a lot more fun when friends and family are playing together.

RetroDoge: Saving Elon was developed and published by RetroDoge(1)
  • NFT(324)
  • Crypto(194)
  • Single player(180)
  • Action(139)
  • Web browser(115)
  • Adventure(88)
  • First person(66)
  • Side view(50)
  • Arcade(39)
  • Retro(4)