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Release date: 7/31/2023 (11 months ago)

Shatterpoint is an NFT-based, Free-to-Play, action RPG mobile game built on the Polygon blockchain. Players battle in a Player vs Environment campaign to gain Abilities, Experience, and the Equipment needed to take on the challenge of Player vs Player, the combat mode where in-game Tokens, rewards, and leaderboard domination are at stake.

Spacetime is not as rigid as it seems. From this point onwards, the Interstice, the space in between dimensions, is becoming unstable. In the event called the Shattering, it will break, and time will fold unto itself, molding, ripping, and merging until… it resets to its previous stable state, only to shatter again. None the wiser, everyone continues through the next cycle — all except for Karluq. He knows the ultimate fate of the universe only too well, retaining his memories and power. Karluq may not be strong enough to affect these cycles on his own, but he can get help. Through the numerous Shatterings, by trial and error, Karluq recruits Travelers: Free Awarenesses merged with Vessels. Players find themselves in the Interstice as a Free Awareness, able to jump between multiple Vessels and travel through portals to other dimensions. Now they need to venture forth and make their Vessels strong enough to survive the upcoming Shatterings.

    Shatterpoint was developed and published by Estoty Games(1)
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