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Sipher Odyssey

Sipher Odyssey

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Step into the sci-fi fantasy adventure of the world of Sipheria, Sipher Odyssey invites players into a matrix-like universe, vibrant animal characters, and a vast saga, offering the excitement of blasting through hordes of enemies with godlike abilities, crafted for the short form content TikTok generation.

Sipher Odyssey was developed and published by Ather Labs(1)
  • NFT(324)
  • Multiplayer(242)
  • Single player(180)
  • Action(139)
  • Fantasy(132)
  • Bird view / Isometric(117)
  • Role-playing (RPG)(117)
  • Android(109)
  • iOS(90)
  • Adventure(88)
  • Co-operative(68)
  • Science fiction(49)
  • Unreal Engine 5(31)
  • Roguelite(2)