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Introducing Soccerverse. A massively multiplayer, community-driven football management game. Become a manager, agent, club owner, share trader, scout or any combination of these and more, in one huge persistent, open-ended game world competing against other players. Experience a thriving football economy that uses blockchain technology to give you true realism, asset ownership and total control.

With hundreds of clubs competing against each other in leagues with weekly matches. Experience a classic real-time multiplayer soccer management game like never before. Buy and sell shares in the clubs and receive dividends based on the team performance. Vote in the hiring and firing of the club’s manager. Get paid a weekly dividend from the club’s profits. Buy the right players, play the right tactics and compete against other managers. Like a real manager, you will need the backing of your club’s shareholders. As a manager you will receive a wage from the club. Look after your players and do what’s in their best interests for their careers. You will need to have the support and trust of your player’s shareholders. Get paid a weekly wage from each of your players’ salaries. Depending upon a club’s performance, it can advance to a higher division, or be relegated to a lower division. Higher divisions are more profitable for shareholders and managers.

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