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Space Mavericks

Space Mavericks

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Space Mavericks is a game that will bring the classic 2D tactical artillery – Worms/Gunbound – to the new generation. Players can aim and shoot by adjusting the weapon angle and power, so they can hit their targets the best way to deal the most damage. After the angle and power are settled, the spaceship AI will simulate the shot's trajectory and show how much Heat you'll generate. Heat dissipation is one of the most significant challenges in space, and that's not different in Space Mavericks. The Heat bar plays an important role in the game's strategy, so the players will have to use it wisely.

A long, long time ago, just a few billion years after the Big Bang. Galaxies, systems, stars, and planets were close to each other, making space travel possible with just enough technological advancement. Trade and knowledge could easily be shared between creatures of different parts of the Universe. Some races that evolved through cooperation were generous and benevolent, and would help less advanced civilizations grow and use their different abilities and skills. Some others suffered in harsh environments that they came to existence. Evolution taught them that survival could only be reached by force and the weaker subjugation. And so, conflicts were inevitable. Many galactic empires were formed and raged wars against each other. Authoritarians were dominant, and some simply couldn’t accept this. Lone in the Universe, living in this huge ship, we explore. We can’t allow ourselves to be dominated by anyone. We're not told how to live and who to serve. Empires rise and fall every day in this Universe. They always seek power to expand their influence and control every living being. They rage wars on behalf of ideals and prosperity, impose their own beliefs on others. They seduce the minds of the weak and enslave them by force and fear. And when they can’t find an enemy, they use power against their own subjects. We now know they don’t care for anyone, but only for power. Living to be their tools for domination and control? Never again. We refuse to be pawns on their games. We prefer to travel and explore, experience the unknown, and confront unforeseen challenges. We travel across galaxies, searching for planets and resources to make ourselves stronger and keep our wanderlust dreams alive. We believe in no one. We answer to no one. We are Mavericks. Our fate is ours to decide.

    Space Mavericks was developed and published by FireGecko(1)
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