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Supremacy: The Metaverse Game

Supremacy: The Metaverse Game

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Release date: 2/22/2022 (2 years ago)

Supremacy is a collection of games that connect players into one immersive, interactive, and interconnected universe offering a unique experience to those looking for a Metaverse that blurs the line between the real world and the game world. The Battle Arena is a revolutionary sustainable play to earn metaverse game, where AI-controlled NFT War Machines destroy each other in a 24/7 Battle Arena. Influence the battle in your syndicate's favor using $SUPS to win big rewards.

The Battle for Supremacy starts in 2149, when Earth is dominated by three powerful Syndicates: Boston Cybernetics, Zaibatsu, and Red Mountain Offworld. Each Syndicate is controled by elite humans, who pledge their loyalty to the AI rulers of their territories. Below the ruling class, millions of human citizens are forced to endure the hardships of dangerous working conditions, overpopulated cities and security forces programmed to shoot first and ask later. As a way of entertaining the masses, heavily armed War Machines representing each Syndicate enter Battle Arenas and fight to the death with an array of weapons, swords, and shields. To support these AI-driven mechs, human enlisters work together to direct critical battle moments with nukes, airstrikes, and other supports that blow their opponents into oblivion. As a reward for supporting their Syndicates, human enlisters earn $SUPS tokens that flow from the spoils of war.

Supremacy: The Metaverse Game was developed and published by Ninja Syndicate(1)