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Wizardia is a AAA-quality Play-to-Earn online role-playing strategy game with unique NFTs at its core. It’s built on three gameplay pillars: innovative turn-based combat, player-decision driven game evolution, upgrade-based character progression.

The Realm of Wizardia spans the limitless expanse of the Fog. Among the endless unknown, safe havens have gathered together from whatever land managed to escape the Fog. Different cultures refer to those patches of land that can be traversed without fear differently, but among all creatures this land is the most valuable asset in existence. As you step outside safe borders and delve into the Fog, you may find more land, unimaginable riches or stumble on a leviathan. Weaponise Magic in order to survive and expand. The game takes place after a universal calamity, currently known as “The Tearing”. During the cataclysm reality collapsed, all previously known truths about spacetime integrity are thrown out through the window. Previously distant segments of spacetime are now close together (and vice versa). It seems that all reality has gone through a blender, and now no-one knows what is lurking behind The Fog that is separating small islands of matter. During the fracturing of reality some individuals have awakened previously hidden potential, which some people are calling Magic. Individuals that are able to bend reality to their will are called Wizards. Wizards are extremely powerful, held to a single limitation: There is no way to create something out of nothing. However, even in current state, universe is plentiful. Wizards after realization of their power did began to compete between each other. Competition was mostly fruitless, because one could simply will themselves back to life (Wizards are effectively immortal, unless they wishes themselves out). However, collateral damage was so great, that eventually Wizards (or at least some of them) have glued together The Core and announced that all further competing must be done in civilized manner in The Arena. The Core and all that is on it is protected only by fear of retaliation of Wizards that decided to protect that place. The first creatures that unlocked their hidden potential during the calamity are called The Original Wizards. Currently safe navigation through the Fog is not possible. Wizards that leave the known safe area are lost. When the Fog closes behind you, you will never know where you will end up. Sometimes you are simply lucky enough that you are able to return back where you came from, but that is so rare, that Wizards use Banishment as a capital punishment. Some Wizards leave The Core on their own choice, some have left while trying to understand how far away from the Core you can sink into The Fog before there is no way to return. So far the correct answer to that is “it depends”. Magic is an ever-evolving part of Wizardia, and is the source of its mysticism. As the epochs in Wizardia change, the Magic changes as well. We plan to explore this morphing Magic thoroughly. Magical abilities go hand in hand with the will of the Wizard, and no two Wizards are alike. Scholars have been categorizing existing understanding about Magic into three pillars: Mind, Body and Soul. Wizards that are delving into Magic through raw understanding, meticulous application of scientific method, and the power of analysis are considered to be aligned with Mind Magic. This can lead to great breakthroughs in all fields, however there are Wizards who achieve true breakthrough only when their minds are consumed by ravaging insanity. Wizards may use their Body and nervous system directly to experience the flow of Magic. This pillar is mostly distinguished by the methods through which these Wizards acquire their knowledge. Scholars have seen Wizards self-enrolled in lifelong physical hardships simply to reach a moment of clarity that unravels the universe before them. On the other side of the spectrum, there are Wizards who push their sensory systems to overload in hopes of achieving this clarity by enjoying visual art, listening to music, or even ingesting dubious substances. Defining what a Soul is would be a futile effort, though that does not stop devout Wizards from enforcing their strong beliefs onto reality itself. A strong trust in a single idea can lead to power, but if the idea is shared among a group of believers, the possibilities are limitless. As with all forms of Magic, there is a chance their devotion will waver, leaving the wielder just an empty shell with a long abandoned purpose. The boundaries where one pillar ends and another begins are vague, and sometimes the same effect can be reached by different Wizards independently.

    • NFT(324)
    • Multiplayer(242)
    • Crypto(194)
    • Single player(180)
    • Windows(176)
    • Fantasy(132)
    • Role-playing (RPG)(117)
    • Strategy(94)
    • Unity(70)
    • Indie(60)
    • Metaverse(55)
    • Side view(50)
    • Science fiction(49)
    • Play to Earn(45)
    • Pvp(19)
    • Pve(9)
    • Turn Based Rpg(8)
    • Online(5)