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Cross the Ages: Trading Card Game

Cross the Ages: Trading Card Game

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Release date: 9/23/2022 (2 years ago)

Cross the Ages: TCG is a fast competitive trading card NFT game where players compete in strategic duels to capture more space than their opponent on the game board. The game is designed in a “blitz” format. Each player only has five minutes to play their turns. Making Cross The Ages an addictive experience in which players have to both “Play Fast” and “Play Smart” in order to win. Players collect cards from a collection of +350 characters through chest rewards, daily quests, special events like e-sports competitions. These cards can be upgraded and merged into more powerful versions: alternative and alternative combo cards. In addition, players can reach for web3 features like the Immutable X marketplace to trade their assets freely: buy and sell cards or even borrow and lend them to other players. They can hold CTA tokens to access additional rewards. By completing the entire collection of CTA, they will also be able to bring their digital cards to physical, by turning their NFT into NFC: Nun-Fungible Cards.

Cross the Age is a dynamic universe in which fantasy and science-fiction come together and clash. The worlds share the single continent of Artellium. To the west lies the Arkhant, masters of magic and summoning. To the east, the city-continent of Mantris is home to the Neurotechs multicultural people whose technology has invaded their everyday life. That was twenty years ago, and time hasn't softened anyone's resentment. The Appologium is a vestige of the Heroes’ War that has been turned into a sporting event, a noisy cemetery filled with celebrities who died on the field of honor that the audience visits out of nostalgia, while entertaining delusions of grandeur. Twenty years later, the battle between Chaka and Faustus remains unsurpassed in terms of impact. More than memorable or unforgettable, it's legendary. And it grows even more so every year, since it tolled the end of the Heroes' War. Each year, gladiators from Arkhant and Mantris reinterpret the duel of champions in the Appologium to try to pick the lock of history, in search of a definitive answer. Which one – Chaka the Genetic or Faustus the Primus of Shadows – won?

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