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Release date: 8/28/2021 (3 years ago)

Gachaminer is a Crypto Mining MMORPG. Learn about Mining and Crypto in Storylines and Missions, and play with thousands of other players in a persistent multiplayer world.

You start as a Newbie to Crypto and Bitcoin, in a free and empty appartment you get at the beginning. A Friend will teach you about Crypto Mining in a Tutorial Storyline. Afterwards, you can learn more about Bitcoin, Crypto and Blockchain in General and Mining in multiple Storylines, Missions. You can travel a persistant world and see other players and can interact with them.

    Gachaminer was developed and published by Swissfaucet.io(1)
    • Crypto(191)
    • Bird view / Isometric(115)
    • Role-playing (RPG)(114)
    • Web browser(113)
    • Massively Multiplayer Online(101)
    • Simulator(36)
    • MMORPG(24)
    • Point-and-click(8)
    • Bitcoin(6)
    • Non-fiction(6)
    • Questing(2)
    • VueJS(1)