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Legend of Arcadia

Legend of Arcadia

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Release date: 3/24/2023 (last year)

Legend of Arcadia is a free-to-play and play-to-earn strategy-casual action card game built on the BNB chain that combines a traditional gaming experience with Web3 GameFi 2.0. In addition to experiencing the game’s immersive universe, players can also boost yield through staking, battling, and mining. The fantastic game universe of LOA is centered on a fictional colony of small, toy-like, humanoid creatures resembling toys-henceforth referred to as toy heroes (in-game playable NFT characters). The aim of the game is to collect and raise different kinds of toy heroes (8 classes and 6 factions of toy heroes in total) and earn rewards through gameplay. Are you ready to embark on an epic journey through this fantasy universe?

The story begins with the mysterious black fog that started emanating from an underwater volcano one day. Neither the raging waves nor the howling winds could stop its spread. However, at first, no one paid much attention to it and simply regarded it as a natural phenomenon. It wasn't until the first person was swallowed and killed by the black fog that people began to panic. The black fog slowly crept towards the city, and after exhausting all options, people turned to building underground cities and living below ground. However, everyone knew that the black fog would eventually permeate the underground city. This was the beginning of the Era of the Black Fog.

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