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Life Beyond is an open world, video game experience with community at its core. This always-on alternate reality offers a place for everyone, regardless of your playstyle or time commitment. Step into a new century, where the people of earth have been granted access to a mysterious uncharted world. On Corvus, you will find a land filled with secrets, untold riches and opportunity for all, heralding the dawn of a new age for humankind and the birth of a bold new society. Our ambition is for a new type of player community to flourish, where a vibrant economy and intuitive gameplay systems let you take control to shape the world and define your role in it.

Filled with mysteries to discover, the world’s ecosystem is rich with magnificent landscapes. However, nanotech infections are ravaging the ancient world, and it’s up to you to tame it. Fight against this corruption to clean and conquer new regions. Once conquered, regions can be transformed and distributed into lands, ready to settled by players. What you do with these lands is up to you. Build housing, attract leisure seekers or become an economic powerhouse. As you trade resources and grow your society of pioneers you’ll have to deal with thieves, criminals and always be prepared for a nanobot invasion. Define the rules of your society. Your society is a living, breathing world. Choose whether to pursue personal wealth and seize control or follow a more democratic route. Hold elections, organize markets, impose taxes, regulate the economy, define policies, and deploy police forces to maintain order.

    Life Beyond was developed and published by Darewise Entertainment(1)
    • NFT(317)
    • Windows(169)
    • Third person(101)
    • Massively Multiplayer Online(101)
    • Science fiction(48)
    • MMORPG(24)
    • Unreal Engine 4(16)