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Lord of Dragons

Lord of Dragons

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Release date: 12/26/2022 (last year)

Lord of Dragons is a play-to-earn MMORPG where you get to enjoy innovative gameplay, weapon switching, skills transformation, and many other features. There are much more contents to enjoy when you hit maximum levels! You will hunt monsters and objects through siege items and eventually get an enormous reward! You can choose to play solo or in a guild in Lord of Dragons. Extensive world, terrifying creatures, and intricate storylines along with high-end weapons, character transformations, and equipment growth – these are what makes up a good game and awaits you in ”Lord of Dragons”!

    Lord of Dragons was developed and published by LOD Global Limited(1)
    • NFT(317)
    • Crypto(191)
    • Fantasy(130)
    • Android(108)
    • Third person(101)
    • Massively Multiplayer Online(101)
    • iOS(89)
    • Fighting(37)
    • MMORPG(24)
    • Unreal Engine(2)