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Metropolis Origins

Metropolis Origins

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Release date: 11/17/2021 (3 years ago)

Metropolis Origins is an NFT collectible card game set in a cyberpunk world. When the Big Lift took the best of humanity to the stars, the old world ended and a new one formed out of street tech and sheer hustle: Metropolis. Build your deck, choosing from Government, Corporate or Underground factions, and play against an AI or other players from around the world. Use muscle, cunning, or hacking skills to make your way up from the dark alleys to the bright lights of Metropolis. Just don't lose. Metropolis Origins is a ransom note from the future and a supercharged vision of the present. Created by QXR Studios.

Looking back on March 11th 2103, that date we all learn in the brainpod, it’s easy to see why Earth Before seems so far away. It’s a hundred and fifty years since the Big Lift took the best of humanity into space to colonize the stars, leaving humans and AIs to face a world of pandemics and climate disaster. The humans fled inland, as the vast empty cities were drowned by rising oceans, while the millions of autonomous AIs who created the Big Lift were left to seek new purpose. New cities were founded; many fell to famine, storms, and the wars between human and machine. Others survived, and this new world was born. Our world. Today, Metropolis is the one city where human and AI meet as equals, and the greatest port on the New Pacific Rim, a world city of night markets, casinos, mansions, shantytowns, and a hundred stranger sights. Metropolis is a crossroads, and a puzzle, and - some people say - a vision of the future. The wealthy look down from their gleaming towers; the city government strives to keep order; outlaws and data slingers thrive in the slums and ruins of the Old City. Everyone dreams of ruling Metropolis one day. That day is coming.