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Samurai Rising

Samurai Rising

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Release date: 8/1/2021 (3 years ago)

In SamuraiRising, your NFT battlecard is the heart of the game. It provides utility and value to the SamuraiLegends ecosystem. Your battlecards fight against another player's deck, or a bot, to be able to earn $KOKU points. In this setting, gamers who play regularly and strategically, will acquire more Koku Points.

At the onset, players will populate a single game world set in a fictional world inspired by feudal Japan. Plots of land, as well as units, can be owned and utilised to tap into various opportunities embedded in the game world. The experience resembles that of typical MMORPGs and includes exploration, quests, character development, battles and clans, yet there is a real monetary value to be earned. Furthermore, decentralization offers non-scripted opportunities that go beyond a typical gaming experience.

Samurai Rising was developed and published by Chain Pixel Labs(1)
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  • Strategy(94)
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