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Synergy of Serra

Synergy of Serra

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Synergy of Serra, an upcoming free-to-play PC/MacOS deckbuilding trading card game, promises to revolutionize the card game genre by merging the collectibility of classic Trading Card Games with the infinite replayability of Deckbuilder Card Games.

Set on the planet Serra, you face a looming threat that is remorselessly devouring one planet system after another. After centuries of peace, Serrans were not equipped to defend against such a foe. As such, the Council of the Six created the Grand Tournament to uncover the most inspiring mind on the planet to lead the defense effort. Only by competing to become the Sage of Serra can you hope to save their planet.

    • NFT(317)
    • Multiplayer(234)
    • Single player(178)
    • Windows(169)
    • Bird view / Isometric(115)
    • Strategy(94)
    • Indie(58)
    • Mac(54)
    • Science fiction(48)
    • Card & Board Game(41)
    • Tactical(40)
    • Turn-based strategy (TBS)(27)
    • ElectronJS(1)