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Wildcard cover image
Release date: 2/23/2023 (last year)

Wildcard is an online collectible card game that combines strategy and luck. Players create decks of cards representing characters, weapons, and other items, then face off against other players in real-time matches. The game features a variety of game modes and allows players to trade cards with one another. The objective of the game is to use strategy and skill to defeat opponents and collect valuable cards. The game is free-to-play, but players have the option of purchasing card packs or individual cards to enhance their collection.

Wildcard lore revolves around a fantasy world of kingdoms, magic, and mythical creatures. The kingdoms are in a constant state of conflict and players take on the role of a powerful leader, using their army of creatures and magical spells to defeat opponents and gain control over the land. Players can choose to align with one of the many factions in the game, each with its own unique characteristics and abilities, as they compete against other players in battles and campaigns. The lore of the game provides a rich backdrop for the card battles and creates a sense of adventure for players as they collect, trade, and battle with their cards. Champions from across the galaxy assemble decks of collectible cards, summoning unique creatures and harnessing their strengths in dramatic clashes at arenas throughout the universe. They must out-play, out-strategize and outwit their opponents, destroy their goal in order to take home the Wildcard glory! Frostburn Asteroid is home to a state-of-the-art Wildcard arena. The adjacent Frostburn Village was purpose-built for Wildfans and competitors alike, with luxurious accommodations, fantastic nightlife, plenty of gossip, shopping, and entertainment.

  • NFT(317)
  • Multiplayer(234)
  • Crypto(191)
  • Web browser(113)
  • Third person(101)