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Heroes of the Citadel

Heroes of the Citadel

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Step into Heroes of the Citadel to save the world. A casual squad RPG game with a rooster of dozens of characters to collect. Fight in many modes selecting a team of 6 to best suit your preferred game tactic. Win both single-player campaigns and multiplayer brawls. Save the world and have fun!

Unite a shattered world! Dive into the epic 'Heroes of the Citadel' a casual autobattler RPG game. Create the most epic team of heroes possible. The fate of the world lies in your hands! In the once peaceful realm of Entagon, mysterious forces converge, disrupting tranquillity and sowing chaos. The insidious presence of Filth corrupts minds, transforming allies into enemies, while the newly awakened Lord of Darkness seeks to reclaim his domain. Amidst this turmoil, a band of heroes rises, determined to quell the encroaching darkness. Dive into Heroes of the Citadel and traverse Entagon's captivating landscapes alongside Vastron, the steadfast knight, and Merilda, the skilled archer with a hidden past. As challenges mount, you'll enlist the help of unique allies, from the wise magician Angaret to the fierce goblin warrior Togoshi. With the weight of a world resting on your shoulders, strategy, choices, and teamwork become paramount. The fate of Entagon lies in your hands. Will you be its savior or its downfall?

    Heroes of the Citadel was developed and published by Funtico(1)
    • NFT(324)
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    • Crypto(194)
    • Single player(180)
    • Windows(176)
    • Fantasy(132)
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