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Matr1x Fire

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Matr1x FIRE is the first mobile shooting game in Metaverse. Players can fight in Metaverse while owning their own NFT assets. Let’s Play and Own! Our product focuses on PVP multiplayer fair competition, while providing strategic casual PVE gameplay modes, including classic 5V5 battles, Battle Royale and so on. Beside rich gameplay modes, our product also provides various maps, weapons, and avatars, which players can team up with friends to experience.

  • NFT(324)
  • Multiplayer(242)
  • Android(109)
  • iOS(90)
  • First person(66)
  • Shooter(65)
  • Battle Royale(55)
  • Metaverse(55)
  • Nft Gaming(28)
  • MOBA(14)
  • Nftesport(3)