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In RavenQuest, the world is yours to conquer! Claim a plot of land anywhere to build your own house & farm, collect Ravencards to further customize your unique character, gather resources to craft powerful weapons and battle other players in a truly open-world experience. RavenQuest you can have your own piece of Land (NFTs), where you can generate income, or harvest material for to deliver tradepacks (Generate Gold) with your MOAs (NFTs), Wagons (NFTs), or even with Ships (NFTs), navigating on the seas, or you can have Ravencards (NFTs) that can be equipped in your character, making him stronger, competing in PvP, Arenas or join with your friends to battle in large scale Guild Wars. Virtually any In-Game activity will offer some amount of Gold Coins to the player. There is no monotony in how the players earn these coins - they can choose the activity that most entertains them and can alternate between several different activities as well. Gold Coins can be exchanged for our Blockchain Token (Sunbreak Token - $SBT). Depending on your NFTs, you can increase your Gold Production (Later exchanged for Token), you can also use your Ravencards that are NFTs, to increase the battle capabilities your character, you can deliver tradepacks with your Mounts, that are NFTs, to engage in the main revenue in the game. Your Sunbreak Tokens - $SBT, can be used to acquire new NFTs, like Ravencards, but they also are used in-game activities, like craft, upgrade or repairing equipment.

    RavenQuest was developed and published by Tavernlight Games(1)
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