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Rise Online

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Release date: 1/26/2024 (5 months ago)

Rise Online is the Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) developed by Rokosoft.

They understood that when Marduk appeared, they would perish. Before the Aarvad, the demigods who ruled on seven different planets, each of their distinct beauty, created by the Nameless Creator, became so powerful that they forgot where they came from. They were arrogant, self-righteous, and ruthless. As they lived independent of time and away from death, they became perverted. When the anonymous creator created them in his own image, he was generous. He bestowed power on them and sat and watched. He wanted to see what his creations could do, but what he saw did not make him happy. The demigods fought between them and blood was shed. The creator commissioned his faithful helper, the destroyer Marduk. Marduk turned into a great comet and destroyed seven separate planets and the superior beings living on it. When the planets disappeared, the energy generated was enormous. Anonymous Creator thought and decided to try again. This time there would be death and life. This time it would be painful. If the creatures wanted to survive, they would fight. They should have deserved to live. At the behest of the Creator, Marduk created Aarvad, which is far more difficult to shelter than in previous worlds, by storms and disasters. He put fire and water, mountains and sky in it. The Anonymous Creator was happy with the new world emerging. Death and life were all missing. The Unnamed Creator roamed the Aarvad throughout the day. He witnessed what the day brings. He watched the sun and witnessed its effects on nature. Then he closed his eyes and created the God of Life and the sun, his son Arius. It was night. The Anonymous Creator roamed the Aarvad during the night. He went into a forest, crossed mountains, and a cave closed his eyes. He understood what darkness was and saw his daughter Naru in a dream. When she opened her eyes, Naru, the goddess of darkness and death, was sitting opposite Naru, as beautiful as the stars. The Anonymous Creator bestowed some of their power on them and left Aarvad and began to watch. Arius dreamed of fish swimming in the water by the sea in the sun, and his dream came true. Arius realized that his power was to create. Life first started in the seas and then went ashore. Single-celled animals, reptiles, then mammals and humans emerged. Life was advancing rapidly, albeit in a primitive way. When Naru showed the soul that came out of the first body to die the way to the other realm, he realized that his power was death. The eyes of the souls that arose when any living thing left its body were closed to life. They were trying to find their way in Naru's realm, a place where there was no light, but that was impossible. The screams of lost souls drowned Naru in sadness, and the goddess of death cried in her dark cave. The tears of the goddess hardened and began to grow into a growing crystal. Crystal pierced the ceiling of Naru's cave underground and continued to rise. When it stopped rising, the Narun Crystal began to emit a dark light that only spirits could see. Seeing this light, the spirits were drawn towards the crystal and found Naru crying in his underground cave. They comforted him. The souls who comforted Naru have transformed and become soul gatherers Knowing their own suffering and how it upset Naru, their goddess of pain, these soul gatherers made sure that the souls that came after them did not suffer. They took them to the crystalline light, their goddess. Naru didn't know what to do with the souls in her hands. She decided to talk to Arius. The God of the Sun and the Goddess of Darkness have come to an agreement between them. If the spirits could atone for what they did in front of Naru while the goddess was reading them, they would leave Naru's cave and go to Arius. So it happened. Naru allowed some souls to see the day again and sent them to Arius, and the reincarnation began. As the reborn souls continue to live in their new bodies, they remembered the mistakes they made in their previous lives and did not repeat them. Thanks to this, they developed rapidly, and the civilization of such people, the glorious Protean Empire, was born.

Rise Online was developed and published by Rokogame Studios(1)
  • NFT(324)
  • Windows(176)
  • Fantasy(132)
  • Role-playing (RPG)(117)
  • Third person(107)
  • Massively Multiplayer Online(101)
  • Open world(54)
  • Unreal Engine 4(16)