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SolChicks Saga is a play-to-earn ("P2E") multiplayer role-playing game where the players' unique SolChicks NFTs are used as their game characters. Players can participate in SolChicks Saga in multiple ways, be it leveling their characters through participating in PvE or PvP challenges, farming the rarest items and seeking hidden treasures, or even just treating your SolChicks as virtual pets to pass time. Amongst the key differentiating factors is that SolChicks Saga is NFT driven where the SolChick NFT will act as the player's in-game avatar.

SolChicks were originally just sentient chick-like beings, who were named the Chicks. Native to the planet Chicco, the Chicks were a peaceful race which had mostly kept to themselves. They lived for generations without strife and interference from the outside world during a time, which from their ancient codices, they called the Period of Calm. True to the era’s name, the Chicks developed a strong cultural identity and lived relatively peaceful and prosperous lives through harnessing the power of the Solarium Seeds. They are seeds of the World Tree, Soldrysil. Soldrysil is the mother of life in the universe, and her seeds were scattered across the universe and landed on different planets, fueling sentient life and evolution. Each seed contained immense power, and many sought the power of the World Tree for themselves. In their darkest hour, a faerie appeared before the Council of Elders. The faerie wielded powerful magics, which temporarily halted the advance of the Darkfangs who hungered for the planet’s supply of Solarium Seeds (and Lunaris Crystals). “The World Tree has been waiting for you. Come, walk through the portal, and take your rightful place next to her warm embrace.” The faerie preached. The Elders had no choice — their entire race risked being hunted to extinction by the Darkfangs. Desperate, the Elders gathered what remained of their people, and led them through the portal to planet Mellow. The hero’s story begins at his Proving. Starting out like any other Proving, with our wide-eyed protagonist all packed up and eager to join the Braves, like his brother did. Yet, under all this excitement were several, I should say, unsettling rumours.

  • NFT(317)
  • Multiplayer(234)
  • Fantasy(130)
  • Bird view / Isometric(115)
  • Role-playing (RPG)(114)
  • Unity(69)