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Champions Ascension

Champions Ascension

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Release date: 10/1/2022 (2 years ago)

Ready your Champions for battle! Collect, train, equip and manage your own stable of brave and brutal gladiators. Define your own story, and influence the world of Massina. Who will you become? A battle master, an ingenious alchemist, a rich Imperial business magnate? Enter a player-driven fantasy world of arena-based combat where death is real— but so are the rewards.

The world of Massina is a place where peace is waged through constant battle. Those who call it home are an exotic mix of powerful races, both native and celestial. And like most families, they maintain long-standing grudges and rivalries. But all are united by the gladiatorial games, hosted by the ruthless Emperor in his immense Colosseum Eternal. In this arena, where chance and skill gamble with the cursed dice of fate, each Champion must brave death for one single outcome: glory.

Champions Ascension was developed and published by Rough House Games(1)