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Release date: 10/19/2022 (2 years ago)

MagicCraft is a PVP Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game (MOBA) launched on Binance Smart Chain, beginning as a quick action mobile game, with numerous play-to-earn opportunities, NFT characters and mini quests within each game. Launching first with 15 main characters, each with different traits, skills, powers and abilities, the MagicCraft world is completely scalable, built to gradually expand from a MOBA game into a complex and challenging massively multiplayer metaverse experience. Players can enter battle as a single player, or form clans to fight in huge multiplayer battles, all for prizes in our native cryptocurrency, $MCRT.

Long ago, when the world was still young, the Greater Being crafted the Ash Vales. He christened it a land for mortals and tasked the Lesser Gods with carrying out His work. Yet when the Greater Being departed to oversee other worlds, discordance rose among the Lesser Gods. Two factions formed: the Elders, who believed mortals should be allowed to live freely, and the Ancient Gods, beings from a cruel time who demanded total subservience. Words could not resolve this conflict, with the Ancient Gods threatening to undo the Greater Being’s work. However, the Elders would triumph in this war, casting down the Ancient Gods. Fearing that the Ancient Gods would one day return, the Elders constructed seven citadels, named Pillars. To protect from the vengeance of the Ancient Gods, these citadels were crafted from the bones of fallen Ancient Gods and thus imbued with their own powers. The Elders hoped that, should their old enemies ever return, the Pillars would then protect all of the Ash Vales from harm. But now, it is a perilous time for the Ash Vales… The lands of the Ash Vales have undergone catastrophic changes since the war of the Lesser Gods. Once flourishing territories are transformed into oppressive landscapes dotted with huge holes, hellish nightmares of soot and ashes poisoning nature, dangerous dark forests filled with fearsome creatures and poor lands suffering from bandit raids and demon attacks. Ominously, as the Ash Vales have decayed, the magical protections protecting the Seven Pillars have failed. They are now open to be conquered by anyone who has the strength to take them, and all eyes are on the rich resource within: MagicCraft, or MCRT for short. MagicCraft is an ancient resource. Its primary use is to forge powerful weapons and armor. However, there is also a second use. Mortals can absorb MagicCraft into their souls, giving the user magical strength far beyond their normal abilities. In large enough quantities, MagicCraft can even form new life. The mightiest Guilds across the Ash Vales now compete for this ancient power. So the Old Law has been invoked. “Let any who lay claim to these treasures barter in steel and pay in blood.” A Casus Belli for a declaration of war. Five major Guilds joined the fray – the Fallen, the Hunters, the Keepers of Arcana, the Betrothed, and the Nightbinders. Seeking MagicCraft to regain their former strength, resurrect their fallen gods and revive their lands , they are ready to fight. And here a new era of war begins. But the Guilds are concerned. Fearing they lack the power for outright victory, they have been searching far and wide for new champions to ensure their domination will be complete. Their search took them to deep and dark places, pouring over ancient texts of dark magic and powerful incantations. Here they discovered a long forgotten spell harnessing the power of the Seven Pillars to summon fighting champions from multiple dimensions to take up arms with them. Only the strongest battle champions can help the Guilds, so thus the fighting pits were created. Great warriors, mages and fighting robots answered the call, tempted by the riches of MagicCraft offered as a bounty. The victorious will enter the Ash Vales and battle for the ultimate reward. The time for talking is over. Let battle commence.

MagicCraft was developed and published by MagicCraft(1)
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